Frequenty asked questions

1. Do I need to buy...?

Yacht remains insured by the owner during your charter; however we recommend that you purchase additional liability coverage to protect you from any unforeseen mishap.

2. How do I book a charter?

Once we receive your acceptance of our offer, we shall place reservation on requested week for you, and charter broker will draw up the appropriate contracts for you to sign. At latest 3 days upon signing, you are required to place a deposit (usually 50% of charter fee) with the balance of the fee due 6 weeks prior to embarkation. Payments should be made to your charter broker, if not agreed upon otherwise.

3. What is a delivery fee?

One way fee or delivery fee is extra cost for charterers who want to be disembarked or embarked in Dubrovnik instead in Split which is base port of our fleet. That cost is 1.000,00 euros, and stands for extra mileage and additional navigation hours. Same price will be extra charged if guests want to visit Dubrovnik on Split - Split route. However, if guests want to be both embarked and disembarked in Dubrovnik, delivery fee in that case is 1.400,00 euros. Please remember that embarkation / disembarkation in Dubrovnik needs to be previously confirmed in Charter Contract.

4. What is an all inclusive beverage arrangement?

All inclusive beverage agreement includes Croatian domestic beverages - alcoholic and nonalcoholic in unlimited quantities. It includes Croatian soft juices, quality wines, beers, aperitifs.

5. Can we bring beverages on board?

During on board accommodation, beverages are available on yacht bar only. Guests are not allowed to bring any beverages on board.


  1. Guests who are taking All inclusive beverage arrangement are allowed to bring additional beverages on board.
  2. Guests who prefere to make complete supply of beverages during on board accommodation by themselves will be charged for beverages service cost. Beverages service cost is 600,00 euros.

6. How much does a charter cost?

Charter costs depend of chosen route, program, activities etc.They consist of:

  • charter fee
  • obligatory
  • food arrangement
  • possibly All inlclusive beverages arrangement
  • possibly delivery fee
  • possibly extra cost of hostess
  • costs that are to be paid on board: beverages - according to yacht bar price list ( if All inclusive beverage arrangement was not included )

7. Will my privacy be respected while on board?

Professional crew is experienced with entertaining the yacht's guests, celebrities and prominent statesmen. They will maintain a low profile. Our charter brokers can include a non-disclosure clause in your charter contract if you wish to guarantee that your privacy is respected before, during and after your charter.

8. How do my friends, family and business colleagues reach me during the cruise?

Our yachts are equipped with GSM cellular service, personal computer, internet and a fax machine.

9. Can we smoke on board?

Smoking is rarely permitted inside the yachts; however, many allow you to smoke on the outside deck areas. If there are smokers in your party please tell your charter broker and be honest about your needs - we will do our best to ensure that you and the crew are well informed in advance. Substances that are illegal on land are also illegal on the yacht.

10. Will I experience sea sickness?

If you are worried about sea sickness check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. The crew will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recommending routes in protected waters and keeping tabs on changing weather conditions.

11. What if I am on a special diet?

By the necessity of adapting to new locations and ingredient availability, yacht chef is skilled at a wide variety of cuisine and can please even the pickiest eater. It is critical that you take time to have each member of your party complete the preference form that your Charter Broker will provide to you in advance. It is important to know of any allergies or serious aversions in advance.

12. Who plans the menu?

Our yachts are homes of the world's best-trained culinary artists! Your chef will usually provide a sample menu of the yacht's cuisine and most are delighted to adjust their fare to your palate.

13. Do I need to carry my passport?

Yes, all guests must carry valid passports or any other valid document for customs and immigration in the various ports of call unless your charter will take place entirely within the jurisdiction of the port where you embark. Visas, if applicable, are the responsibility of the charterer and must be secured in advance of the charter. If you are not certain, your charter broker will direct you to the proper authorities.

14. Can i bring my pet aboard?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animals remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising itinerary can be quite uncomfortable for pets. Just like humans, animals can also be sensitive to the effects of motion and may become disoriented or lethargic. Traveling abroad with pets and checking through customs in foreign ports-of-call may subject animals to quarantine periods.

15. What do we need to pack?

The atmosphere in the Adriatic is relaxing so you should bring bathing suit, shorts, T-shirts and comfortable, cool clothing, but you might also like to have the option of more formal attire. The crew appreciates soft luggage since on-board storage may be limited.

16. How is a charter yacht different from a cruise ship or a seaside resort?

The flexibility and privacy of a sailing yacht is the ultimate indulgence. Professional crew waits on you from the moment you board (or leave you alone if you wish so). Your captain will suggest an itinerary, but you're not locked into a program and are free to waiver from this route. If you find the perfect spot -opt to linger longer! Cruising allows you the luxury of unpacking your bags only once while touring many different areas.